What is ESN Lappeenranta?

ESN Lappeenranta is the local section of ESN in Lappeenranta, and we are the Guild caring about exchange students. However, every LUT University and LAB University of Applied Sciences student can join the Guild.

We’re a part of the vast Erasmus Student Network, found in 16 universities in Finland and 39 countries across Europe! Every country has a National Board, and additionally, there is an International Board. ESN works under the principle of students helping students.

ESN Lappeenranta organizes many events and free-time activities, and everyone’s invited! These activities include trips, parties, cultural exchanges, and other events. There will for sure be something for everyone. Our primary mission is to develop exchange student experiences, improve integration locally, and provide the best possible exchange periods for students in Lappeenranta, introducing them to Finnish culture, food, and traditions.

We aim to make your time in Lappeenranta as fun and memorable as possible!

Anyone who studies in Lappeenranta or Lahti can join ESN Lappeenranta, and the membership is only 12€ a year. Our membership card gives you access to all the discounts offered by our section, ESN, and our European partners!

The board of the 2024 year

Board members are legally responsible for the organization’s life and activities. Usually, board members are previous officers who contributed to the organization and went voluntarily to the next level through voting at the organization’s annual meeting.

Ryan CoombesPresident & Fresher Captain
Karoliina AaltonenVice-President
Veeti AlataloTreasurer
Maksim VakulenkoLocal Representative
Danil VodolazskiiTrip Manager
Art MerikotkaProject Manager
Susanna CastrénCommunications Manager

Officers of the 2024 year

Officers are the board’s helpers with exact areas of responsibility. After the formal application, the officer is elected to the position at the board meeting.

Roman PchelkinCommunication Officer and DJ
Jelizaveta IljinohCommunication Officer
Lars KühnisHost
Niilo TukiaHost
Peter AmicucciSki Master and Harassment Contact Person
Art MerikotkaWeb Officer and Sauna Master
Artem ArshavskiiDrinks Control
Ali AkinciSports Officer
Danil VodolazskiiClubroom Manager
Alexandru-Bogdan LocoveiPaparazzi