Basic Finnish instincts

Basic Finnish instincts

Here, you can read about the habits of Finns and Finland. It might help you to understand where you are better. Even if something is humorous or feels strange, all facts here are based on truth. If you like this article, please visit another about the Deadliest sins you can ever commit in Finland.

Going to sauna

To swim in the winter

Having a free bucket

Buying Moomin merch

You can’t ignore Moomin merch, especially if there is any campaign with discounts.

You can’t ignore new issues of Moomin products. 

The most valuable Moomin mug price estimate today is 9,000 — 12,000€.

Going to kirpputori

To read more about secondhand shopping, check out our article.

Having a knife or even making it

To stay in the nature

Owning forest

Having less facial expressions.

This is truly a national thing.

It does not mean Finns are shy, grumpy, or don’t like you. There is no reason to have too many emotions. Try to move your face when it is frozen.

Photo: “Finnish racer Kimi Raikkonen wins thrilling US Grand Prix.”

Having a wide personal space

Being usually calm

Photo: crowded Finnish street, probably somewhere in Helsinki.

Being wild because of hockey