ESNcard for Lahti Students


ESNcard is the official membership card of the Erasmus Student Network. It was created with the principle idea of using it as a membership card. That will give you:

  • Reduced prices to ESN events.
  • Discounted prices on ESN trips to Lofoten, Lapland, excursions, etc.
  • Discounts around Europe with Ryanair flights, Logitech, Hostelling International, DonkeyBike, etc., through the ESNcard network:


You can only purchase our membership when you are logged in. Log in or register here.

This membership is only for LUT and LAB UAS students in Lahti.

You cannot buy an ESN Lahti membership as a student from Lappeenranta. However, you can still purchase Lappeenranta ESNcard here.

The ESN Lahti membership is valid for one year from the date of purchase.

Lahti students can pay for their ESNcard through our website and pick it up in Lahti from the Aether guildroom called Slounge (A134).

This product is non-refundable!