COMING SOON: Bring a Finn Sitsit Fall 2023



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ESN Bring-A-Finn-Sitsit will be back to introduce you to one the core-Finnish university events; Sitz Party (Sitsit in Finnish). Sitsit is an academic table party which consists of singing songs, making toasts, and enjoying each other’s (good?) company. Every sitsit is lead by two toast masters whose word is the law to make sure everyone can enjoy the event. Usually sitsit has a theme according to which participant dress up which will bring an extra layer of fun to the event (some examples of sitsit themes can be blockbuster movies, videogames, “back when I was young”, and construction site). The theme of this year’s Bring-A-Finn-Sitsit will be announced when the sales are opened.

We here at ESN want to promote integration between the international students and the local students so the tickets to this event will be sold as follows:

Participants arrive in groups of two. One person in the group is a Finnish student, and the other is an international or exchange student. We hope that by having a mixed sitsit event we can promote international integration and help build friendships across nationalities. This means that the tickets are sold in pairs. Find your pair BEFORE you purchase. Follow ESN Lappeenranta official information channels (Instagram, Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook) to be the first to know when the sales open!