Bring a Finn Sitsit Spring 2023




ESN’s Bring-A-Finn sitsit is back! In this event, participants arrive in groups of two. One person in the group is a Finnish student, and the other is an international or exchange student. We hope that by having a mixed sitsit event we can promote international integration and help build friendships across nationalities. The sitsit will be on 22.02.2023 at Kellari ie. the Student Union building basement from 18:00 to 23:00. Entry from the back side. DO NOT BE LATE, or there will be punishments!

IMPORTANT: Tickets are sold in pairs on Find your pair BEFORE you purchase. Ticket sales end either on 16.2.2023 at 12:00 or until tickets sell out. Food and two drinks are included for everyone in the ticket price. You may bring your own drinks too, depending on your appetite. Dress code for this event is Blockbuster/movie characters