ESN Annual Ball: Main Event, 19.10.2024


If you have been invited as a representative student, please pay according to the instructions provided to you, your guild, or your association. If you have further questions, please contact the organizing committee at [email protected].

To buy our Sillis Breakfast ticket for the following day, please visit the link: Sillis.

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Greetings and welcome to Lappeenranta, an extraordinary spot where countless pathways meet and new futures are formed. Celebrate our thirteenth birthday with ESN Lappeenranta at our debut event.

Please carefully read the following important information and make sure that your active email address is being used for any future correspondence.

To learn what Vujut and Sillis are, please read this article.

To see our event schedule, please visit our webpage, Annual Ball 2024.

The cocktail event will be held on a ship that will take us from Lappeenranta Harbour to the main venue at Taipalsaari. By default, all guests are permitted on the boat. Enjoy the archipelago and explore Saimaa with us.

The main event venue is in Taipalsaari, in the community house of Taipalsaari municipality, at the shore of Saimaa, next to the small vessel port. We will provide transportation from there to the afterparty.

The afterparty place is to be announced soon.

We will offer transportation between the main venue, campus, and afterparty.