Murder Mystery Party – Murder at The Minaj Casino


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Murder at The Minaj Casino

IMPORTANT! To confirm you registration you have to fill out this Google Form after paying on this website.

Do you consider yourself a good detective? Do you want to act as a character from a 1950’s Las Vegas casino. If so come to the ESN murder mystery party and help us find the murder!

At this party everyone will be assigned different roles and for the night you will take on that particular persona. Everyone will receive their objectives to complete as well as various juicy secrets of the other party goers. Once the murder occurs, it is up to the partygoers to solve the case. There will also be awards for best costume, best detective and best actor. There will saunas available for after the main event.

In order to properly assign roles to all the partygoers, please fill out the google form after paying and we will try our best to match you with a character.

Cost: €5
This event is considered a high commitment event due to the importance of all the roles. You will pay €15 and receive a €10 refund upon arrival to the event.

Place: Vierula

7.11 – Deadline to Register
9.11 – Character Card Sent To Participants (Basics of The Character and What to Wear)
16.11 – Character Objectives and Secrets Sent To Participants
23.11, 16.00 – Party Starts
23.11, 20.00 – Party Ends, Saunas Open
23.11, 23.00 – Saunas Close