Timetravels 2nd Trip to Northern Lapland Fall 2023




ESN Lappeenranta Extra Adventure to Northern Lapland, Kilpisjärvi

Wed, 29.11.2023 – Tue, 05.12.2023

The village of Kilpisjärvi is located in the northwest extremity of Finnish Lapland, bordered by Norway, Sweden, Kilpisjärvi lake and the majestic Saana fell, sacred to the Sami people. Here you can find the untouched nature, coldest temperatures, and highest snow levels in Finland, as well as the highest Northern light visibility! In addition to a variety of winter and nature activities, you can also make a day trip to Tromsø, Norway, and see the spectacular fjords!

This trip is organized by Timetravels, please familiarize yourself with their website carefully for all trip-related information!