Our Mascots

Beavers live underground, can dive, build giant dams, and have been considered by the catholic church as fish. Beavers have been paratroopered once in the USA. Beavers can self-heal as paladins.

Barry, our previous mascot, served us honestly and bravely. He followed us on trips and supported us during our events. He was pretty shy and humble. And never told about his past.

He was wise and joyful, always breathing with all his beaver’s breast. He enjoyed the freshness of cold Finnish sunrises and the silence of red Saimaa sunsets.

Unfortunately, we will no longer be able to enjoy the ringing songs of grasshoppers and the quiet crunch of snow. He disappeared in 2023.

Steve has never been a paratrooper, as he served as a sailor on the Finnish coastal defense ship Ilmarinen.

There, he became a mechanic and escaped the ship when mines sank it on 13 September 1941. Self-healing himself for the next 82 years, he was drinking daily and lived in the trash can of Stockholm’s outskirts. 

In 2023, the board of ESN Lappeenranta met him during our cruise to Stockholm and offered to serve as our mascot, as our previous mascot, Barry, was proclaimed “missing in action.” 

Steve was happy to join the Finnish student guild because he was already incapable of eating surströmming

Steve’s birthday is 24.02.1918. He loves Laua Viin, and Vana Tallinn. But never confirmed or denied his ties with Estonia.