ESN Lappeenranta organizes trips to different remarkable local and international destinations! We usually have trips to Northern Lapland, the Loften in Norway, and Stockholm during the fall and spring semesters. Sometimes, we offer local trips, excursions, and hiking trips. You can find all our adventures through our store.

Imagine that some people fly through the entire planet to see Finland and its surroundings, but you are already here! Don’t lose the chance.

Pohjoinen palaa (The North is on fire) – Finnish proverb

This picture was taken in December 2022 in Saariselkä, Finland. Lapland is one of the most desired destinations for travelers. And you are just one day from the land of magic! Usually, we go to Lapland every semester.

Välkommen till Sverige

Somewhere in the international waters of the Baltic Sea, you can become a pirate! But you also visit the capital of the Swedish Kingdom: Stockholm.

Out on a trip, never sulky – Norwegian proverb

See the Norwegian Fjords and swim in the Norwegian Sea! Getting to the Lofoten islands is a rare opportunity, but we go there yearly.

It is never cold if you are with friends!

Participants of the Taipalsaari hiking trip in December 2023.

ESN going over the Saimaa Lake

Grand Saimaa trip in October 2023. We saw the Stone Age rock paintings in Astuvansalmi, visited Kummakivi, honored the best sniper in the world at his grave, and participated in the Imatrankoski water show.

ESN hiking over the frozen lake

When Finnish lakes are frozen, we love to walk and cross them on foot. -20C is not an issue because we can warm ourselves to the campfire!