Between December and April (depending on weather conditions), we rent out skiing equipment and skates.

Renting a set of skis or skates from us only costs €5 per week!

Our rental service is available for pick up and drop off once a week. The process is easy: come to the spot, choose your equipment, and pay rent.

Please remember that you must pay for equipment only when physically at the renting spot! Don’t pay in advance. The Ski officer will guide you when you meet!

Remember that if you pay the rental fee without being on the spot, the amount will be non-refundable. Please do not pay in advance.

Our Hobbit Hole is located in the Student Union Building. If you are unsure where that secret place is situated, familiarize yourself with the Important Locations of LUT and LAB!

There are certain times of pick-up and return of the equipment. You can’t pick it up or return it at other times. The Guild provides the service for its members, and the volunteers operate on their own time.

When equipment is returned, the responsible volunteer immediately unblocks or returns your deposit. Your amount must get back to your account within several days. However, if that did not happen, it is not because we hold this money. You must communicate with your bank or your card issuer. If you are sure it might be our mistake, please message [email protected], and our treasurer will check the situation immediately.