Important locations

Essential locations on the campus

First, if you can’t find your needed location or room, try to search on the LUT University, LAB University of Applied Sciences website. The Tuudo application for your phone will show you your timetable and a map of the universities.

Here, we will list only several important locations you might need to know to enrich your student life, such as party venues and saunas.

ESN Sauna parking

If you want to rent our sauna trailer or attend our sauna trailer events, you’ll need to know where that parking is located. Go to the crossing of streets Laserkatu, Skinnarillankatu, and Yliopistonkatu. That stays between the road crossing and Laserkatu 3.

Guild Room of ESN Lappeenranta

Detailed information about our Guild Room has already been posted on a separate page.

Cafe Bar G

Cafe Bar G is a private bar on campus just behind the Student Union House. The address is Laserkatu 8.

Hobbit Hole

We call our ski and ice skate storage and renting service point “Hobbit Hole.” You can find it in the YO-Talo. Enter the building, look straight, and go to the swinging chairs. You will find the LTKY office on the right hand, and over the right hand, there is our service point. Remember that it works at a certain time. When it’s open, our ski master will hang the ESN Flag. More about our winter rentals.

Kellari – Basement

A cellar or basement is located on the ground floor of the Student Union building in Lappeenranta. Students and guilds can organize events and enjoy the sauna there. The place can be rented through the Student Union website.

KOE Office

KOE is the student union of LAB University of Applied Sciences. Their service point is right in front of the entrance to the LAB building. The office of KOE is in the same building as LAB UAS, on the first floor in front of the stairs.

LTKY Office

LTKY is the student union of LUT University. The office of LTKY is on the first floor of the Student Union Building. The shop called Sale is in the same building.

Punkkerikatu 5 Sauna

Punkkerikatu 5 is the address itself. Just search that through Google Maps, and go. Saunis events usually happen every Tuesday and are called PK5 Saunis.


Both buildings of LUT Rantasauna are at the same address: Skinnarilankatu 35. Go or drive down the street until you pass LUT and LAB, and then turn right through the forest to the shore of Saimaa. Rantasauna is translated as “Beach sauna”.

Student Union Building, YO-Talo, Ylioppilastalo

Student Union Building has several vital places: one of the restaurants, several Guild Rooms, the office of LTKY, and more. The address of YO-Talo is Laserkatu 10. The shop called Sale is in the same building.

Vierula Sauna

The Student Housing LOAS owns a sauna. It is located on the right-hand side when approaching the university: Skinnarilankatu 31. Welcome to Vierula!