Finnish culinary

Finnish culinary and drinks

Some well-known memes exist about Nordic kitchens being strange or not tasty. That is not true, indeed. So, here we will tell you about the Finnish kitchen and some well-known recipes. But we also share something you might never have heard about, like the traditional dishes of some regions.

Try to find this food in cafes, shops, or restaurants and cook something yourself! Enjoy.

Graavilohi – Graved salmon

This type of salmon is usually raw, but cold-smoked salmon is pretty close to that one. Both are usually salted with added herbs like dill, rosemary, and lemon juice. There are no specific rules on which tastes you might add; it is up to your choice.

Want to get your fish but don’t know where to start? Here is the answer.

Photo: Valio

Hernekeitto – Pea soup

Photo: Soppa365

Hirvi – Moose

Joulukinkku – Christmas ham

Photo: Snellman

Joulutorttu – Christmas pastry

Seasonal pastry is usually baked at Christmas time.

Photo: A-lehdet Oy

Kahvi – Coffee

Photo: Lehmus

Kalakukko – Fish pie

Kalakukko is a traditional Finnish dish from the region of Savonia made from fish (e.g., perch, vendace, loach, smelt, or salmon) baked inside a loaf of bread. Kalakukko is especially popular in Kuopio, the capital city of the Northern Savonia region. Kuopio is home to many kalakukko bakeries. The city also hosts an annual kalakukko baking contest.

Photo: Valio

Kantarelli – golden chanterelle


Karjalanpaisti – Karelian stew


Karjalanpiirakka – Karelian pie

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Kaurarieska –

Photo: Kreivin keittiö

Korvapuusti – Cinnamon Roll 

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Kotikalja – Small or Table beer

Photo: Lähiruokaa maalta


There are different types of that dish; the most popular are makaronilaatikko, maksalaatikko, porkkanalaatikkolaatikko, and kinkkulaatikko.

Photo: K-Ruoka

Laskiaspulla – Semla

Photo: Viimeistä Murua Myöten

Leipäjuusto – Bread cheese

Photo: Yle

Lihapiirakka – Meat pie

Photo: MTV Uutiset

Liquorice and Salmiakki

Photo: Fazer

Lohikeitto – Salmon chowder

Photo: Kodin Kuvalehti

Makkara – Sausages

We made a separate article about the deep world of sausages in Finland. Enjoy your reading here.

Photo: ESN Lappeenranta, Art M.

Mignon eggs

The Mignon chocolate egg is an Easter confectionery made by the Fazer company. Its distinctive feature is a filling of almond hazelnut nougat inside a real eggshell. Enduringly popular as part of Finnish Easter celebrations, with about two million eggs sold yearly, Mignon eggs are handmade at the Fazer factory in Vantaa.

Photo: MTV Uutiset

Muikku – Vendace

Want to get your fish but don’t know where to start? Here is the answer.

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Mustikkapiirakka – Blueberry pie

Photo: Annin Uunissa


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Porkkanakakku – Carrot pie

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Poronkäristys –

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Ruisleipä – Rye bread

Photo: Kotiliesi

Runebergintorttu – Runeberg torte 

Photo: Pullahiiri


Suklaa – Chocolate

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