Finnish YouTubers

A vast number of people from Finland create content for YouTube. Their topics and areas are different, and you can locate them easily. But here we will list some useful content-makers who might be useful for people who relocate to Finland or are interested in local culture.

Learn Finnish with Finking Cap (Link)

Emmi is an online Finnish instructor. She shares videos in the Finnish language on her channel – both spoken and standard Finnish.

Satu Lahtonen (Link)

She is a Finnish language teacher who was recognized as the best teacher of Finland in 2023. It’s a good educational channel.

Ali Leiniö (Link)

One of the best Finnish hiking video bloggers, traveling over Finland in classical hiking style, sometimes using traditional old-school elements. Learn about Finnish nature!

Aleksi Himself (Link)

It’s a small but helpful channel made by Aleksi Linna. It features videos about Finland and the most important aspects of life here: studies, housing, banking, and sauna.

Irish in Finland (Link)

The guy from Ireland moved to Finland and has some interesting videos about his view of Finnish culture and life.

Road to Finnish (Link)

Oliver Rotko, a MSc in Economics and Business Administration from Aalto University. He talks about education and early career development in Finland on his channel.

Her Finland (Link)

It is also a tiny channel, but it helps you learn Finnish culture, learn English, and make Finland travel dreams come true wherever you are.