Overalls and Patches

What are overalls?

Overalls are brightly colored clothes that resemble a work uniform worn by road construction workers and building employees. They have different colors. The color of the overalls designates the faculty or student guild. This student clothing is intended for various social events (including but not limited to festivals and student parties).

You can obtain overalls by paying a membership fee to the guild of your faculty. It typically costs thirty to forty euros. Exchange students love overalls because this dress code custom is unique to Finland. Additionally, exchange students are provided with specialized overalls issued by the ESN sections in Finland.

You can buy ESN overalls on our website. You can wear them everywhere you want. No one can stop you from sleeping in that, attending a party or lecture.

Remember that you represent student society, our Guild, and the university when you wear your uniform. Some essential behaviors must be followed. You cannot wear overalls if you are not a student or a guild member; this is one of the most sacred Finnish student traditions and rules.

What are student patches?

Many students decorate their overalls with strange and humorous patches. Communities do not recognize empty overalls. In simple terms, wearing an empty uniform indicates that you are yet socially inexperienced. The true meaning of patches is whatever you wish to convey through them.

Several recruiting events offer patches for purchase from companies; in this way, your overalls serve as a form of advertising beyond imprinted advertisements. It would appear that having a more significant number of patches correlates positively with having a more active social life as a student. Typically, the organizers of university parties offer patches for overalls for a fee that can vary from two to five euros. Guilds sell their patches, and even some individual students as well.

An experienced student’s complete suit may not have been laundered for years. Sometimes, that is a tradition or even rule that students never launder their suits, and the total cost of the student outfit can sometimes exceed hundreds of euros.