Sports in Lappeenranta

Sports in Lappeenranta

Sports and active time are fundamental components of a happy and fulfilling life. Movement and reasonable exercise help balance the body and mind and are important elements of work-life balance. In addition to wholesome food and good sleep, a student must establish healthy sports habits to be in harmony throughout his life. Sport is considered a national recreation in Finland, and many Finns regularly exercise and participate in different activities from amateur to professional level.

Moveo Lappeenranta

This is a semester-based sports program in LUT and LAB. Gym, group exercise classes, ball games, reservable sports hall time, break exercise, personal training  services, fitness testing, and helping with joint and musculoskeletal problems. It sounds fantastic. That is also highly affordable.

ESN Lappeenranta

ESN is proud to be part of the Guild Olympics, where guilds compete in various sports yearly. In our debut season, we secured 10th place out of 17 guilds. The ESN Beavers represent our team, and we invite everyone to join in the spirit through chanting or playing. Let’s embody the true essence of ESN.

If you have suggestions for specific sporting events, want to share feedback, or have questions about sports in Lappeenranta, LUT, and LAB, contact our sports officer through [email protected]. Our discord server: link.

As a guild, we organize our inner events for exchange and degree students: like kyykkä, hiking trips and many more. Follow us and stay in touch with us! We also offer winter rentals during the cold season!

Lappeenranta sports

Want to get out of the bubble of campus? Welcome to the Lappeenranta City Sports Department! Visit the link below and explore all seasonally-tailored sports and well-being activities! Swimming, hiking, skiing, ice swimming, sauna visits, football and more! All the courses and activities are held in easy Finnish and also English. For more information, you can contact Stina Tevajärvi at [email protected] or by messaging +358406317428.

Sports clubs in LUT and LAB

The Ice Hockey team Parru website and Instagram page.

Football club Parru: Men’s team’s Instagram page and Female team’s Instagram page.

Lateres and Legio Externa are responsible for shooting sports and military activities. Website.

American football team Lappeenranra Wildmen‘s Instagram page.

Skinnarilan Kuutti SC: Sailing club for LUT and LAB students, Instagram page.

Riding Club Laukka. Connecting students interested in horses and riding regardless of the skill level in Lappeenranta. Facebook, Instagram.

Sports clubs in Lappeenranta

Professional ice hockey team Saipa website.

Historical fencing is big in Finland and Lappeenranta! Come and fence with swords in LHMS! Link to the website. They also speak English!

Saimaan Jousi is an archery club based in Lappeenranta. The club was founded in 1976. Website.

Kaakkois-Suomen Haulikkoampujat or Southeastern Finland Shotgunners. The club specializes in skeet, trap, Olympic, hunting, and shotgun shooting. The website is Finnish only, but some instructors and representatives speak English.

Etelä-Saimaan Ampujat is a shooting club with more than 100-years old history. Website and Facebook page.