Transport in Lappeenranta

Transport in Lappeenranta

Let’s introduce the transport situation in Lappeenranta. We have city buses, private taxi services, a railway and bus station, a harbor, and an international airport.

City bus service

Jouko organizes Lappeenranta city bus services. Visit the route planner to find our city timetables. Students are eligible for a discount. To buy your local bus card, go to the Lappeenranta city hall (Villimiehenkatu 1) or the LTKY kiosk at the university in the main building. Ticket prices (only in Finnish): link.

Remember to wave your bus when it is approaching! Otherwise, it might not stop!


Taxis are pricey in Finland, but sometimes that is the only option for fast mobility. In Lappeenranta are Taxi Saimaa and Menevä Taxi avialable. One ride from campus to the railway station may cost up to 35€.

Car rental services

Carsharing is organized through Japster. LOAS residents might be eligible for the discount. Remember that this carsharing can be used only for private drives and can’t be used for professional services such as food delivery or moving services.

Convinient car rental company in Lappeenranta is MS-Vuokraus.

If you need a trailer, you can find them in Motonet.

Buses between cities in Finland

If you want to go to another city, use Matkahuolto to find your bus. In Lappeenranta, buses often stop at Matkakeskus, and the address is Ratakatu 23.

Train connections

The most comfortable option for sustainable travel in Finland is the train. Create your account at VR.FI and keep all your tickets and information in one place using a comfortable application on your phone. Remember that as a student, you are eligible for the student discount. For your discount, you must have a confirmation that you are a student: your physical or digital student card. The train station in Lappeenranta is the same as the bus station: Matkakeskus, Ratakatu 23.

When booking your ticket from Helsinki Vantaa Airport, use your starting station as “Helsinki Airport” or “Helsinki Lentoasema.” Your journey from the airport to the Lappeenranta train will be included in the ticket.

Remember that if you want to go to Lapland by yourself, there are night trains with the possibility of loading your vehicle onto the train!

Lappeenranta Airport

Yes, we have our airport in Lappeenranta. That is the oldest functioning airport in Finland: it has operated since 1918. Ryanair is mainly working in that airport. Do you remember ESNcard will give you a nice discount and free luggage?

Port of Lappeenranta

Lappeenranta Harbor mainly serves private vessels, but there are recreational cruises over Saimaa during the summer. You can book your journey and find Saimaa Ringed Seals, sail through the locks of the Saimaa Canal, or explore the archipelago around Lappeenranta.