What is Vujut or Annual Ball?

Vujut (vuosijuhlat), or the Annual Ball, is the biggest festive party in every Guild or Club at the university. This event is dedicated to the organization’s birthday. Most guilds organize their Annual Balls, but some clubs might keep the party.

How does it look?

All guests are expected to have a specific festive dress code. Guests decorate their outfits with ribbons, representing their guild and student union.

Everything starts with the cocktail party, when invited representatives of the guilds, clubs, student unions, and other associations greet the board and organization representatives. The gift is expected from every guest organization; it might be a joke or something more serious, especially when there is a big jubilee. The bottle of Jaloviina is a traditional addition to the main gift. It might be replaced with something equal.

The next part is a gala dinner and a fancy version of Sitsit. More guests are present now, as anyone can usually buy a ticket for the venue. The main event ends in the late evening.

The afterparty might happen in the club or main venue if that is big enough. Usually, that is a concert, disco, or something similar.

Sillis breakfast happens the next day, pretty often on the campus. Food and drinks are served. Palju and sauna are expected. A ticket to breakfast is usually sold separately.