Work in Lappeenranta

Even though ESN Lappeenranta cares mostly about exchange students who often might have grants, support from their families, or savings, we still have a big audience of degree students with international backgrounds. One of the most often asked questions is finding a part-time job in Lappeenranta. Here, we will try to answer this question.

So, the first reality is that you must learn basic Finnish, and the job market here is very tight.

But if I only want part-time jobs with low qualifications?

You will still face competition from people who speak Finnish better and know the rules of the local job market. People are pretty cautious with their choices. Sometimes, employers better will not hire anyone than risk with uncertain candidates.

Even some basic jobs require prior working experience, education, or courses. Realistically, people study for at least six months to work in a cafe or a year with grass cutting and snow cleaning.

If you have confirmation from your previous working place, take it with you. It can positively affect your employment and salary.

Any other requirements?


  • You must have your identificational code (henkilötunnus).
  • If you live in Finland and have a residence permit (non-EU citizen) that specifies how many hours per week you can work.
  • You must register your home address and municipality in DVV.
  • You must also have your Finnish bank account.
  • Finally, you must get your tax card from Vero (Tax Office).

Also, depending on the working area, safety courses might be required. For example, in any food sector, you must have hygieniapassi. A driving license could be essential, as some jobs are located off the popular routes or out of town.

Maybe some other information?

Of course! If you are still here with us, let’s help you find your job on websites with vacancies. Remember that 90% of positions are listed in Finnish, even if the website has an English version. Applications in Finland are usually sent as a CV and cover letter accompanying your application.

The university’s career services (both LUT and LAB UAS) can help you build your professional life and assist you with tailoring your CV and profile for the Finnish job market.

Build your network and participate in student events and activities. The more locals you will know, the higher your possibilities in your future career.

I think I will be able to find a job in Helsinki!

Of course! But let us show you one last detail: the driving distance to Helsinki is long enough, and during the winter time, driving in Finland might be challenging. Moving to Helsinki to keep your job close to your residential place will increase your housing expenses without bringing significant income efficiency. That will also drive you out of the university and decrease your study results, and that was not the point of your arrival to Finland.

If I don’t mind working unofficially and want some cash?

This is illegal and qualified as human trafficking, and it will lead to real jail sentences for everyone responsible for that, according to the Finnish Criminal Code. If you need help, please contact the Assistance system for victims of human trafficking.