Wappu 2024 scheldule

Wappu’s schedule is here! Feel free to go through the long list of events and see which ones you’ll like. Remember that opening and closing is pretty important.

Also, ESN Lappeenranta events during this year’s Wappu are Välikuolemasaunis which roughly means “halfway through and feeling like death saunis”, so halfway through Wappu on the 16.4 when you’re burnt out from all the events we’re having a chill sauna and cooking some food at the ESN sauna.

Also on the 27.4, we’re having a Skinnarila Cookout, in which Art is cooking some nice meats and veggies near LAB for everyone to enjoy before Finnhits later that day.

So yeah, come check out the events and if you get the Wappu pass card you can get a stamp from each event and get a special patch at the end 😎