Deadly sins in Finland

Deadly sins in Finland

Here, you can see a list of deadly sins. So, maybe some of them are slightly sarcastic, but they all are based on truth. Please be good with people, as local culture and personal boundaries might differ from where you came from. If you find this article interesting, then also read the other one by clicking the button here.

Never tell that “Moomins are hippopotamus”.

The Moomin family are trolls. They live in Moominvalley and have had many adventures with their various friends. Several books, comics, and cartoons have been published.

Don’t try to say that Moomins are for kids. They are the national honor, treasure, and heroes for everyone.

Being unpunctual.

If you agreed to meet someone at 10:00, it is 10:00. It is not 10:15 or 10:30. And “sorry I forgot” is not a justifying excuse.

P. S. Messing up with laundry booking in LOAS is an inhuman crime.

Treating people with inequality and discrimination

People are equal in Finland and always have been. However, there are many countries in the world where men and women have different social positions. People might be discriminated against based on their sexual orientation or other interests. That is not the case in Finland, where people are free from most stereotypes. Maybe some intakes from Finnish history can help you better understand Finnish society.

Being dishonest.

  • Don’t lie
  • Don’t steal
  • Don’t abuse people’s trust
  • Don’t give empty promises just to have a good feeling or respect. 
  • Don’t cheat or freeride in the university. 
  • Be clear and straightforward.

Trashing pantti and wrong recycling.

Remember: bottles cost money. Don’t mix bottles and cans with trash or recycle them with trash. Most of the bottles and cans in Finland include deposit money, and you can get your money back! Read about waste management here.

Leaving the sauna room door open.

Leaving the sauna room and not closing the door will piss off people with higher than light speed. If you want to know more about saunas, check out this article!

Partying in the night and disturbing people.

  • Be quiet after 23:00.
  • Don’t be loud in a public place, especially on public transport.
  • Make your phone calls in the appropriate place. 
  • Don’t listen to loud music in the national parks or while you are hiking.

Don’t ask “How are you?” without reason.

For locals in Finland, just passing someone by and saying, “Hello, how are you?” and heading your own way will provoke a brain error. 

Every conversation has its purpose, and if you ask — be ready to hear and talk. If you want to be kind to your friend, say hello without any questions when your roads cross.

Not respecting personal boundaries

It’s good to keep some distance. It’s good to understand that “no” means “no,” and “I’m busy today” will mean “I’m busy today.” 

If someone tells you that “I have family and very little time,” answering your offer to have dinner and drink coffee, then the person feels that you cross personal or intimate borders.

Don’t think that negative answer for your offer is a game, that is “no”.

More read about harassment here.