Housing in Lappeenranta

If you are coming to Lappeenranta for studies, your main option must be LOAS. You can apply for an apartment here: link.


  1. Affordable
  2. Comfortable
  3. A variety of options for students all over the city.

When to apply?

Apply as soon as you are eligible for student housing.


Some students apply just a few weeks later than others and cannot get an apartment as they keep a low position on the waiting list.

But the university must give me housing, isn’t that true?

Not exactly, as the university is an educational institution, and housing companies are not part of it. The number of students coming to study grows faster than the number of residential buildings.

To what types of apartments must I apply?

You must apply for all possible options that can give you the minimal comfort you wish to have, including housing with the maximum prices you can afford. Remember that lonely newcomers must seek shared apartments as the first option. You will still live alone in your room and have your personal space. Getting a private studio from the start is very hard.

What should I do if I don’t get my LOAS apartment?

You must seek the private market if you don’t get your housing from LOAS. That will be 20-30% more expensive compared to LOAS.

Here is a list of some websites where you can search for apartments. Remember to be proactive; call companies and owners and visit their offices. Don’t rely on sending messages, as people might not react to messages if they have actively calling clients.

If only free big apartments are left on the market, look for friends and collaborate, renting bigger apartments for a group of students. The owner might not like it if you have more than one person in the living room, so use some good common sense.

Remember that the transport situation might be challenging sometimes, and never rent anything too far from the main bus routes! Spending 90 minutes daily on your journey to the uni is not enjoyable in February when that is- 20C outside. Get familiar with the geography of Lappeenranta using at least Google Maps; that will help you!